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Agriculture’s renewable energy experts

With over a decade of experience in finding the most cost-effective renewable energy solutions for farms across Wales, Cheshire and Merseyside, we know exactly what you need to reduce both costs and carbon emissions. And as a family-run business – founded by late father and son Richard and David Jones, we know how important it is to make sure your farm’s energy needs are met – now and well into the future.

How we help you

Recognising farming’s high energy demand

Farms use huge amounts of energy, whether you’re raising poultry or rearing dairy cows. We help you get all that power from renewable energy sources, making sure you’ll always have the heat and electricity you need to milk the cows or keep the hens warm.

“We’re a big user of electricity with a £20,000 annual bill so anything we can do to save on that bill is welcome”.

“Renewables are the way forward for farms, especially solar panels because we’ve got so many roofs.”

Getting more value from your land

With huge roof areas and wide expanses of fields, your farm’s land is a huge asset – we help you use it to generate renewable energy to benefit all your operations. From photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels on top of barns to ground sourced heat pumps underneath pastures, we find the most cost-effective technology for you.

“We are investing money in renewables because we are expanding the business and the energy bills are going up and up. It makes good business sense.”


Reducing your energy costs

Most importantly, installing new solar can save your agricultural operations thousands of pounds. It brings you fuel security as prices continue to rise and reduces your outlay on electric.

“We’ve more than halved our monthly energy bills, and we get money back from the Feed-In Tariff – over £5000 a year. Plus, we have a reliable source of renewable energy.”

Utilising renewables sources

Installing renewable sources and storage, the extra energy that is unused will help to save thousands of pounds over the coming years. This is in addition to always having the electricity and heat you require.

“When the hens are a toasty 18°C, they’re happy. Happy hens produce more eggs, that make us all happy. It made financial and common sense to use our land to heat the henhouses for free!”

Meet your farm’s demands with cost-effective renewable energy