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Solar & Storage Package

Solar & Storage Package

Minimise your electricity bills and future proof your farm by combining Solar PV and Battery Storage.

Solar & Storage Package

Why a Solar and Storage Package?

Agricultural premises such as poultry and dairy farms use tremendous amounts of energy.  Most of the energy used on these farms is electricity.  With electricity prices rising by as much as 75% in the last 12 months, energy prices are a major overhead. Battery storage is a cost effective way of reducing your overheads in the long term.

The benefits

What benefits can your farm expect from a Solar and Storage Package?

  • Produce your own energy – reduce your bills.
  • Off peak shifting – Charge batteries on overnight/smart low cost tariffs and use the stored power when you need it.
  • Store excess energy from wind and Solar PV systems for use when you need it on the farm.
  • Increase capacity – increase your electrical capacity so you can run more items /lower you KVA availability charge.
  • Off grid capability – Combing solar and battery storage can power your farm without the need for the grid.
Find out how the Solar PV and Storage package can help your farm business

Current Deals

50KW SOLAR PV & 67Kwh premium SMA battery storage system INSTALLED PRICE


£84995 + VAT

100KW SOLAR PV & 67Kwh premium SMA battery storage system INSTALLED PRICE


£118995 + VAT

Which package is right for your farm?

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