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Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Be the one to be less dependant on the grid by storing energy from solar or smart tariffs to use when you require it.

Battery Storage

Why Battery Storage?

Use a battery storage facility on farm to save money on your electricity bills, by increasing the proportion of self-use electricity generated by energy harvested by your Solar PV, ensuring you always have a consistent supply.

The benefits

What benefits can your farm expect from Battery Storage?

  • Off peak shifting – Charge batteries on overnight /smart low cost tariffs and use the stored power when you need it.
  • Store excess energy from wind and Solar PV systems for use when you need it on the farm.
  • Increase capacity – increase your electrical capacity so you can run more items/lower your KVA availability charge.
Find out how the Battery Storage can help your farm business

Current Deals

60kw SMA inverter/charger with 1 x 67kwh storage cabinet


£49,995 + VAT

60kw SMA inverter/charger with 1 x 134 kwh storage cabinet


£89,995 + VAT

Which size of Battery Storage is right for your farm?

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