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Case studies

Solar PV Powers Dairy Farm in Denbigh

We installed 392 solar panels on the unused barn roof space at Kilford Farm to help support their massive energy needs. They now generate more the half the power the 700 acre farm uses every day, saving owners Dilwyn and Dafydd Evans over £10,000 a year.  

“We’ve more than halved our monthly energy bills, and we get money back from the Feed-In Tariff – over £5000 a year. Plus, we have a reliable source of renewable energy.”

Ground Sourced Heat Keeps Hens Warm in Ruthin

Making great use of Llyr Jones’ 1600 acres, we laid over 2000 metres of pipes under the sheep’s grazing pastures, collecting energy to heat the henhouse all year round. With the Renewable Heat Incentive, Llyr will have over 13 years of completely free heat.

“When the hens are a toasty 18°C, they’re happy. And happy hens produce more eggs that make us all happy. It made financial and common sense to use our land to heat the henhouses for free!”

Solar Panels significantly reducing electricity bill in Denbigh

We installed a solar system after an easy decision for Morris, when there was an obvious target to cutting the electricity bill by £400 a week.  They now have a self sufficient system that provides the energy for the vacuum pumps and to run the compressors to cool the milk from 37C to under 4C.

“We’re a big user of electricity with a £20,000 annual bill so anything we can do to save on that bill is welcome,” he said.

“Renewables are the way forward for farms, especially solar panels because we’ve got so many roofs.

Turned to the power of the sun to save energy costs while reducing its impact on the environment 

The company, which supplies bread to North Wales’s hospitals, has 155 solar panels spread over the roofs of their bread-making unit & new cake-making facility

They were by installed green energy specialists Hafod Renewables,  the solar pv system will produce almost 40,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year – enough to power 10 family homes.

“We are investing money in renewables because we are expanding the business and the energy bills are going up and up. It makes good business sense.”